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Aside from looking pretty cool, they're pretty easy to upgrade at Great Fairy Fountains and they provide decent armor for general combat situations. After you upgrade each piece of the set a couple of times, they offer a total of 28 armor, which got me through Hyrule Castle and the final boss fights with little trouble. Zelda: Breath of the Wild's best armor: Climbing set If you've found yourself frustrated by the game's slow, stamina-draining climbing, this is the set for you. Collecting all three pieces of the set will make Link climb incredibly fast and use less stamina in the process. It's pretty invaluable for exploration. VG247  has a helpful guide to finding the three pieces of the set, which are all in different shrines in the eastern portion of the map. You'll need to brave the snowy peaks of Mount Lanayru to get two of them, so bring cold-resistance gear , food or elixirs for your journey. The only downside is that the set makes Link look like one of those jerks who do slacklining in the park. Zelda: Breath of the Wild's best armor: Snowquill gear for cold resistance The best outfit for cold resistance is the Snowquill get-up that you can buy in Rito Village, located in the northwest section of the map. Simply put, you can survive in the game's coldest environments by equipping this outfit.

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